Amazing chili, wonderfully funky atmosphere.

Amazing chili, wonderfully funky atmosphere.

Shawn Kraft with Casper’s answers a few questions about starting and owning a business downtown.

What drew you to Downtown?

The history and being part of Springfield history.

What unique products and services do you offer?

Casper’s is a very unique uniqueness all to itself.

How do you cross-promote fellow Downtown businesses?

We know who is good and reliable at whatever field they are in so we can always refer people to the appropriate place.

What is your vision for Downtown and your store over the next three years?

It’s Casper’s, it has to stay the same. I hope downtown grows up around it so Casper’s can be a little oasis that never changes.

What can Springfieldians do to help your business?

Eat more burgers coneys and shakes. Stay away from the chain restaurants!