Rogers and Baldwin Historic Venue

Located in Downtown Springfield, Mo we are a New Venue offering you a Beautiful historic location for Weddings, Graduations, Private Parties and much more! Also bringing you Live Entertainment! Call to book your special occasion today!

Nestled in the middle of the downtown district of Springfield, Missouri you can find the charming Rogers And Baldwin Historic Venue. One of the many things that makes the venue special is that even though you have all the benefits and amenities of the downtown area the venue still retains some much enjoyed exclusivity. Since the venue is not located directly on the strip, but rather catty-corner to the main square, it remains hidden from the majority of the downtown life of Springfield.

From hardware store to wedding venue, and the many things in between, the Rogers And Baldwin Historic Venue is bursting with a mix of its unique style and history. This fairly new venue has gone through a drastic transformation since it’s younger days, but has retained many of the buildings original features. The open ceilings showcase the original deep dark wooden support beams. The vintage tin ceiling tiles give it another touch of elegance, which you will not find anywhere else in Springfield.

Many of the updated features at the Rogers And Baldwin Historic Venue include; major technology upgrades, updated lighting, a fully stocked bar on each level, a completely refinished third floor for larger gatherings, and more. To get a feel for what this venue has to offer feel free to get in contact with us.