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Historic Walnut Street, legendary homes and hidden treasures. Stroll along Walnut Street and the past will greet your steps. Many of the early elements of the late 19th Century still remain: Brick and stone walks, carriage blocks, shakes and shingles, windows of leaded and stained glass, the carriage houses and the houses themselves---each with a story to tell. This refined area has been designated as a National Historic District because of its rich architectural history and cultural impact on Springfield.

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Immediately following the Civil War, this three-block area became a popular building place for the growing upper-middle class. The Queen Anne style, called the painted lady of American residential architecture, is highly ornamented with parapets, spindlework and friezes. There is never too much for a Queen Anne. The most historic structure in the district is also the oldest. Christ Episcopal Church is the crown jewel at the west entrance of the neighborhood.

Today the historic street is occupied by artisans, merchants, professional people, restaurants and an award-winning bed and breakfast. It is the site of Artsfest, held every May, and Cider Days in September.


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