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Downtown Wiffle League


RULE No. 1: Any and all discrepancies must be IMMEDIATELY decided by Paper-Rock-Scissors (1-2-3-Shoot) between the designated team captains.

1) 5 innings, both team bat if tied
2) 3 outs per half-inning
3) 4 balls, 3 strikes per batter
4) No base running, ghost runners advance according to hit-type (below)
5) All pitch styles legal
6) home team determined by schedule
7) No gloves
8) No cleats
9) ERRORS: Dropped fly balls advance all runners (including batter) one base; fumbled ground balls are played as singles
10) Disputes settled by captains using common sense first, Paper/Rock/Scissors second
11) Captains required to keep score/stats during games
12) Winning team captain to report score/stats within 24 hours to brett@itsalldowntown.com
13) Every “stadium” has its own ground rules


1) Official lineup (and batting order) turned in at start of game (3-7 players, including 1 designated captain)
2) A minimum of 3 players required to play an official game
3) A maximum of 7 players allowed in the official lineup
4) Batting order may not be changed once the game begins
5) A maximum of 5 players allowed to play in the field (1 pitcher + 4 fielders even or behind pitcher)

Wiffle rules, not baseball rules:


1) 3 warmup tosses
2) One foot on rubber during windup
3) If a pitcher is removed from mound, they may return but not during the same inning
4) Pitcher announces balls & strikes before each pitch and ghost runners before every batter

Did the ball hit the folding chair in the seat or above (anything but the legs)?
Yes: Strike
No: Did the batter swing?
– Yes: Strike
– No: Ball


Did the batted ball go past the pitcher?
Yes: Was it below his/her head?
– Yes: Groundball. Single if not caught or fielded cleanly (no matter where it ends up, it can be no more than a single if hit below the top of the pitcher’s head)
– No: Fly ball. Extra-base hit
No: Did it hit the fence?
• Yes: Triple
• No: Did it go over the fence?
# Yes: Home Run
# No: Double if not caught

Ghost Runners!

Pitcher announces ghost runners and outs before every batter
• A single advances (ghost) runners one base
• A double advances (ghost) runners two bases
• A triple advances (ghost) runners three bases
• A home run …. ROUND EM! everybody scores


1) A groundball fielded cleanly by a fielder (or pitcher)
2) Any batted ball caught in the air by a fielder (or pitcher)
3) Foul balls can be caught for an out.
4) 3 strikes on a batter is an out.
5) With 2 strikes, if a batter swings and foul tips the ball back into the strike zone the batter will be declared out on strikes.
6) With 2 strikes, a batter will receive 2 courteous fouls before being called out on strikes


A six-team tournament on Sunday, August 21 at Park Central Square. Division winners (overall record) receive a berth and an automatic bye. The final four playoff spots will be determined by A) overall record, B) run differential, C) win % in division.
The first two rounds of the playoffs are single-game, single-elimination. The team with the better seed will serve as the “home” team and bat last. The finals will be a best-of-three series, alternating home and away.