December 4

A Day in the Future: Christiano Bellotti

Accomplished illustrator and painter Christiano Bellotti’s new body of work A Day in the Future: Buncha Damn Triangles is bold, whimsical and delivers a haunting narrative! It opens at Arts & Letters during December First Friday Art Walk.

Please join us Friday, December 4 from 7-10pm for Christiano Bellotti’s new body of work A Day in the Future: Buncha Damn Triangles. Bellotti is an accomplished illustrator and painter and a treasure of the southwestern Missouri arts scene. These new paintings are bold, whimsical and tell a haunting narrative!

Also enjoy a musical performance by Maranda Reynolds!

From the artist:
A Day in the Future: Buncha Damn Triangles
Christiano Bellotti

A Day in the Future is a set of eleven paintings depicting space and the future. Each painting represents a different part of the day with noon being in the center. Science Fiction holds a special place in my heart because I believe it compels us as a society to strive forward technologically and socially. Many of the technologies we enjoy today were first envisioned in a movie, comic book, etc. I don’t claim to have the intellectual prowess to create these myself but I do hope to inspire someone that does.

One evening last winter in the darkness of my little living room, alone, in a daze and squatting in front of my space heater, a vision came to me. It consisted of a triangle flanked by two small circles and, for whatever reason, this composition possessed me. I turned to my sketchpad and began drawing and redrawing this simple design. I began redrawing the concepts for these paintings using this formula in some way or another. The first painting I finished, The Universe is Alive, shows this composition candidly. The blue triangle represents matter, with yellow energy stretched within, and the red circles forming a sequence represent time or distance.

For more of my artwork and a link to my comic please visit me at Christiano Bellotti Comics and Art.