July 16

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Staged Parodies – “Same Time, Same Place”

Now in the seventh year, catch favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer performed live on stage on the third Saturday of the month!

In this new episode of Buffy on stage, Willow returns from England – all better and less “Evil Willowy” – although none of her fellow Scoobies are there to greet her. At the same time, and seemingly at the same place, the Scoobies are at the airport to see Willow home, but she never arrives off the plane? Strangeness in Sunnydale.

Elsewhere that night, a teenager is viciously attacked! Buffy and Xander discover the teen’s flayed remains the following day and ponder who could have done it…Willow? Seeking answers, the Scoobies find their way to a cave where a harrowing voice echoes in the depths. Attacked, the Scoobies leave the cave and seal the entrance for good…little do they know that they also locked Willow inside, alone with the vile creature.

At Sunnydale High, Buffy begins her new job and speaks to a girl that claims that she’s going to die – typical teenage behavior or does she actually mean it? If so, how? To do her job as the Slayer and school counselor, Buffy must protect her, but unknown to Buffy, Cassie is kidnapped and offered as a sacrifice in a demon-raising ceremony.

Will Buffy be able to save Cassie from her fate? Will Willow escape the clutches of a monstrous creature with an appetite for humans? Find out on Saturday, July 16, at 9 pm at the Springfield Improv Theater!