November 13

Comedian Dave Yates

Illinois comic Dave Yates loves cheese and fancy mustards. He brings his love for the stage to Billiard’s.

Billiards of Springfield
Blue Room Comedy Presents: Dave Yates

Friday Nov 13th, 2015

Dave Yates, born and raised in Illinois, has been performing stand up comedy for 4 years and pursues life, laughter, and music. Dave is also an actor for the Heartland Theater Company. As well as a love for the stage, Dave is an active speaker and volunteer at recovery centers for addiction recovery. Being three years sober himself, Dave knows how to connect on a multitude of levels with people all over the country. His comedy is a mixture of wit and whimsy. In addition, Dave enjoys an array of cheese and fancy mustards.

Clubs Played: I was a regular at Laugh comedy club in Bloomington for 4 years. I’ve maintained a steady 9-5 job while getting up at as many clubs and theaters as possible over that span of years. My Home Club is now the Jukebox Comedy Club in Peoria,IL

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