August 20

MO Poetry Slam Springfield

MO Poetry hosts an individual qualifier for the World Poetry Slam in Washington D.C. with a opening from DeLoris Williams.

Join MO Poetry Slam Springfield for its World Poetry Slam qualifier with an opening by DeLoris Williams. Williams will be reading poetry from her new collection Autobiography of a Poet.

The main event of the evening will be a qualifier for the Individual World Poetry Slam in Washington, D.C. in October. All participants must be 18 and must have participated in at least one Mo Poetry Slam Springfield slam in the last twelve months.

There are four rounds:
1 minute round.
2 minute round.
3 minute round.
4 minute round.

No prompts, no instruments, no costumes. Everything else goes. This is an uncensored all ages events.

7:00 Doors
7:30 Feature
8:00 Qualifier Slam