December 25

Shattered presents “Keith-mas” a Rolling Stones tribute

An entire night of Rolling Stones music to celebrate the holiday. Shattered presents Keith-mas at Outland Ballroom.

Mike Henderson
Richie Rebuth
Ryan Fannin
Jimmy Rea
Kelly Brown
Jessica Gray-Balisle
Melissa Henderson-Rea
Charles Grant-Maledy
Ranald Ives Cummings III

“KEITH-MAS 2015!”

It’s Christmas Night. Let’s imagine there’s snow (because that’s picturesque). The gifts are open, the food is finished, the relatives are long gone. Or, they’re STILL AT YOUR HOUSE. Either way, you need to get out of there.

Good news! There’s one holiday celebration left, and it’s the best one of all: “KEITH-MAS!”

Yes, Keith-mas. The night of the year that we all come together to celebrate the fact that we’re all still alive, and so is Keith Richards. We honor this holiday by doing the best thing possible: playing AN ENTIRE NIGHT OF ROLLING STONES MUSIC and drinking. Like, REALLY drinking.

It’s an all-star line-up performing a whole night of some of the best rock n’ roll music ever made. It’s a great way to work off that extra round of stuffing, or all that renewed interfamilial angst.

Hell, maybe you got a puppy and you just wanna dance.

Either way. Let’s celebrate.