Sleepout 2016

Our communities at-risk & homeless youth need you!

November 4th is our annual Sleepout! We have mixed it up a bit this year & will be having it at the Rare Breed (301 N. Main).

This is an OPEN house for the community to come see what we do from 7-10 PM! After the open house we will be having the Sleepout from 10pm-6am. Since the Sleepout is at the Rare Breed this year we unfortunately cannot have participants under the age of 18 (insurance, safety, and liability reasons). BUT we encourage our younger folks and families to set up their own sleepouts in backyards or churches to be a part of this event. Participants under 18 years old CAN still come to the open house to see what we are all about and enjoy some soup!

We are challenging businesses and the community to raise awareness and money for Rare Breed Youth Services. Get a team together and stay outside with us on November 4th. Registration is online or there is an attached form.

If you have the ability to share this (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and/or make individual GO FUND ME/ online fundraisers that would be beyond beneficial.

REMINDER: All money raised from this event goes directly to the Rare Breed Program which has been completely UNFUNDED since 2013. Our community and your support is what keeps this program alive and helps our youth.

Please email any questions to BTegeler@thekitcheninc.org


Come Sleepout with us to end youth homelessness!