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Mid-America Management

205 West Walnut Street, Springfield, MO, United States

“Developing Partnerships, Building Communities, and Changing Lives” has been the objective of Mid America Management since its inception. Mid America Management was formed for the purpose of managing multi-family, single family, and senior communities with an emphasis in providing high quality affordable housing for all sectors of the population. It has found great satisfaction in managing communities that allow low and moderate income families the opportunity to live in quality affordable housing.

In addition to maintaining the physical attributes of these real estate investments, Mid American Management strives to work closely with the communities in which its properties are located. This is accomplished by forming partnerships with not-for-profit entities that share our mission to provide affordable housing. It has communities that serve as outreach offices for area agencies, providing head start and day care programs, food pantries, housing vouchers, and much more. Building and managing single family homes with home ownership options has been particularly rewarding, as it works with families toward long term goals such as maintaining a home. Each year it has strived to increase the “lifestyle” it is offering to the many households that make up “working America”. With the support and input from these non-profit partners and state agencies, it has continually strived to implement and improve the social service aspects of our communities through many different programs. Through these exceptional partnerships, it continues to set it apart as a property management company that is exemplified in the award winning portfolio it has the privilege of participating with and through each new venture it takes on.

Mid America Management remains dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing. It believes that quality, professional management is critical to the success of any community’s development. This philosophy keeps it dedicated to ensuring maximum performance through the resident selection process and in turn protects its investments for our many partners.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

State Support

Most of Mid-Am’s properties were selected for funding by the state and are financed with Federal and State Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Tax Exempt Bonds, HOME Program funds, and/or Housing Assistance Payment Contracts.

High-Quality Housing for All

The properties, which are known for their high-quality construction and affordable rents, provide needed housing in the communities they serve.


Mid-America Management has many high-quality properties.

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Mid-America Management

205 West Walnut Street, Springfield, MO, United States

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