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Paragon Architecture

637 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806, USA
(417) 885-0002

Paragon Architecture’s collaborative process guides and informs everyone involved from project conception past completion. They strive not only to enrich every community with quality design, but to do so through innovative thinking and focused expertise. That’s the Paragon Approach™.

Paragon applies focused expertise and a collaborative team design process to co-create enhanced spaces for users. “Focused Expertise” means that they have invested their time and energy into specific markets and industries and partner with others to bring world class knowledge to our clients. “Collaborative Team Design” is just as much a part of their product as their finished design. They believe that the best product for their client requires the client’s knowledge and experience combined with Paragon’s.

The Paragon Approach™ is their culture. They not only focus on delivering a great design, but ensuring that the process they utilize to reach their final product is focused on quality and exceeds our clients’ needs. With The Paragon Approach™, they bring all of the stakeholders to the table, along with the best information and technologies, to create a product that works best for the client, their users and the community.


Adaptive Reuse

Interior Design

Sustainable Design

Modern Learning Environments

Project Management


Strategic Master Planning




Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Paragon Architecture

637 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806, USA

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