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Bar Church

425 West Walnut Street, Springfield, MO, USA
(417) 887.6922

Every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. | Grab a beer. Listen to Music. Do Church.

Bar Church @ 425 exists to provide a community space to talk about tough questions, discuss how to live out our spirituality, and figure out how to make our community a better place. Each week features a different music showcase from a local performer and a brief message.

425 FAQ

What is Bar Church @ 425?

The Venues @ 425 (or “Bar Church”) is a downtown location of The Venues Church. The Venues @ 425 operates at 425 W. Walnut on Thursday nights at 6:30p. The building was purchased by The Venues in 2019, and provides a space for mid-week services and special events for our attendees.

What time does it start? 

We open the doors (and the bar) at 6pm, and service starts at 6:30. You have plenty of time to talk, grab a drink, and pick out a seat.

Where should I park? 

We have a private parking lot across the street from 425, with a sign that says “The Venues @ 425 Parking”. But you’re always welcome to find an open spot on the street.

How long does service last?

Our service lasts about an hour. We are usually wrapped up at 7:30p, however, some days we tend to run a bit longer. But don’t worry, we always give you the option to leave if you can’t stay the whole time.

Can I get a drink? 

Of course you can! We have varieties of beer, wine, and mixed drinks available for purchase, and plenty of free soda/snacks. If you’d like a drink (alcoholic or otherwise), just go up to the bar and ask our wonderful bartenders what the options are.

Where do I sit?

Anywhere! We have plenty of tables, with tons of loving and kind people. Don’t be afraid to ask to sit down with others!

What is the teaching about?

We have a different series every month or two, where we take a topic and dive deeper into what it means to us and how it affects our day-to-day lives. Check our Facebook page to see message topics.

What, I thought 425 was an event center? 

It still is! On days The Venues is not using the building, we lease the space to an event business, “425 Downtown”, that specializes in weddings, parties, proms, etc. We also work with them to have our own special events and use the space for our attendees’ events as well.

Can I rent the space for my event? 

We occasionally allow rentals of the space for special events. Contact Rylee at to find out more information!


Thursday 6:30-7:30 p.m.

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Bar Church

425 West Walnut Street, Springfield, MO, USA

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