Barrel House B-Movie Series @ Mother's Brewing Co.

Barrel House B-Movie Series @ Mother’s Brewing Co.

October, 31 2021 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

215 S Grant Springfield, MO 65806

Do you love cinematic schlock, mondo movies, theatrical trash, and kinetoscopic kitsch?
Mother’s Barrel House B-Movie Series is for you. With this new monthly series, we’ll scrape the bottom of the barrel, scouring public domain films for you to enjoy, jaws agape in aesthetic repulsion, as the low-budget, no-budget, and no-taste parade of cinematic folly assaults your irony-armored senses.
Revel in the audiovisual wonder projected on the big(ish) screen in our intimate Barrel House.
Enjoy beer specials to inspire your best MST3K wisecracks.
Take comfort in a general sense of communal artistic depravity.
Since our inaugural screening is on Halloween night, we have two options to present. You decide:
1965’s gothic shocker ‘Bloody Pit of Horror’
or 1973’s culty spooker ‘Messiah of Evil’ (directed by the screenwriter of ‘Temple of Doom and director of ‘Howard the Duck!)
So whether you prefer Roger Corman to Harmony Kornine or Ed Wood to John Waters, we’re sure to screen a selection to tickle your taste for trash.
Start sounding off on your choice on the Facebook event page!