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Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals, Strangefellas, Basset Hound at Front Of House Lounge

Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals, Strangefellas, Basset Hound at Front Of House Lounge

March, 9 2019 | 9:00 pm

322 South Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals is a St. Louis outfit of snakes that hiss and spit chords and chaos of 60s-70s blues-infused rock and roll. The four piece’s knack for reptilian antics manifests during their live sets. Ribald commentary, inside jokes, unintentional stage dives: the Jackals live and breathe the devil-may-care ethos of our cold-blooded comrades.

Members Josh Eaker, Danny Blaies, Jared Dickinson, and Dylan Doughty represent different facets of the Jackals nearly half-century of influences. Eaker has the rasp of a man who spent years carving salt mines. His throat coated with microscopic minerals, he chucks his voice around a room like an open can of paint. The mess it creates splashes against the wall of chunky, pedal shaken riffs haunted by the war cries of classic rock heroes. Stuck in the doldrums of Dallas, Texas, Eaker etched out song sketches alone, but afloat, in Dallas’ musicianless pool. With a guitar and a superb grasp of Pro Tools, Eaker channeled his malaise into gritty guitar tracks slung under the eerie calls of a man searching for his voice. Joined by Blaies on drums after he returned to St. Louis, the two-piece began as Brother Lee, then added the Leather Jackals when Dickinson and Doughty joined on bass and keys. Together, Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals renounce the sleaze of alt-country and take the name and swagger of legends fallen before them: Derek and the Dominos and The Doors, most pointedly. Contemporaries Deer Tick and Tame Impala are cut from the same revivalist cloth.

Enveloped in tradition, Dickinson’s bass gurgles and grumbles with the impatience of a chained dragon. Set free, it sets afoot across Eaker’s guitar tracks with the clobbering power of John Deacon. Doughty’s spattered keys rain over Blaies percussion which thumps like a heart looking down the barrel of a shotgun. Together the Jackals create a well-meaning raucous forever threatening to run off the rails at any given moment.