Downtown Springfield Association


October, 28 2019 - October 29, 2019 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

1147 E Grand Street Springfield, Missouri 65897


In a moonlit junkyard at midnight, a clan of cats gathers for their annual Jellicle Ball, a joyous celebration of their individuality and tribal ties. Before dawn, one will be chosen to make a mystical journey to the “Heaviside layer” to be reborn. As each cat is introduced, their unique personalities — playful, mischievous, lazy, sensual, magnetic, domineering, clever, mysterious — are revealed. At last, their wise and beloved leader, Old Deuteronomy, announces which deserving feline will ascend to a new life. This phenomenally popular, Tony® Award-winning show combines T.S. Elliot’s whimsical poetry, an eclectic array of musical and dance styles, amazing acrobatics, fantastic costumes and atmospheric effects to create a fanciful feast for all the senses. A fable wrought with humor and compassion, Cats illuminates our human nature!