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Dan Frigolette's Comedy Workshop For Funny People

Dan Frigolette’s Comedy Workshop For Funny People

August, 25 2018 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

322 East Walnut St. Springfield, MO 65806


A comedy workshop for funny people, with comedian Dan Frigolette.

302 E. Walnut St. #210
Springfield, MO 65806

August 25th-26th
Saturday & Sunday
1:00pm – 6:00pm

Space is limited!
$20 holds your spot.

-Understand what makes comedy work.
-Workshop scenes from popular Sitcoms.
-Learn how to write for Stand-Up.
-Walk away feeling fearlessly funny.

Students who write a standup set are encouraged to perform at the open mic at the Blue Room Comedy Club Sunday evening.

Frigolette has 15 years in the comedy industry and 12 teaching. This intensive class will focus on how to get a laugh, where to reside within the “joke” and the importance of timing.

He’s just returned from a month long South Africa and England tour he finds joy in traveling the country and to small towns, to entertain folks. His stage prose is energetic and high paced, with a wit that stops hecklers in their tracks. You will remember seeing Frigolette in person, and love every minute of it. He travels the country with his pitmatian Tess, raising money for Humane Societies and rubbing people’s bellies.