Dare To Color, December at Alchemist Attic

Dare To Color, December at Alchemist Attic

December, 7 2018 | 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

308 1/2 South Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


Local Art This Holiday Season and join us First Friday.
This month we are featuring Dare To Color, with inspirational art and decor.

We have so much local art, crafts, music and books at Alchemist Attic. Including works from Michelle Nimmo, Joseph Moseley, Alicia Holder, Brian A Hudson, Bryn Maycot, Chad R Woody, Cheryl Baker, Allison Osredker Cow Skull Candle, Didi Williams, Denise Belt with Afromationpottery, Dusty Campbell, Gretchen A Coleman, Joel Dunn, Jai Renee with Kitchen Witch, Norma L. Haggard Artist, PJ Kempen, Emma Tomlin with Put A Wrap On It, Scott Sauer with Sauerworks, Tommi Clark, Macy Shalin Stevens, Michael Chick, Ariel Kist, Alex Mcvey, Bridget Owens, Patrick Mureithi, Hot Missoury, Linda Eastburn, Andy Havens, The Theorists, Jessie Pheonix, L Carol Scott, Revolution clothing, and many many more!
(photo credit to Michael Dameron at M.D. Creative)