Downtown Springfield Association
Eric's Urban Orienteering Race

Eric’s Urban Orienteering Race

September, 14 2018 | 12:00 am

$25 thru 9/13/18; $30 on race day; Kids under 16 = $10

WHAT: Teams of two to five people will walk and run through downtown Springfield finding checkpoints, answering trivia, and solving mystery challenges over the course of two hours.  A healthy sense of humor and pop culture knowledge are the keys to a satisfying experience.

REGISTRATION: Register Online HERE. Downloadable form HERE.  Forms can be mailed in advance to Fleet Feet Sports (1254 E Republic Rd, Springfield, MO) or you can sign up between 6:15pm and 6:45pm on site on race day (730 E Grand).


Early bird: $25/person
Race day: $30/person
Kids under 16: $10/person

AFTER PARTY: This event does not feature T-shirts but participants will be treated to a pizza party, clues/trivia recap, and door prizes after the race.

RESULTSPast years’ results.  Click on the tabs at the bottom to view previous years’ results.


  • Find as many checkpoints as you can using your smarts and the clue sheets provided.
  • Foot travel only.
  • No trespassing or breaking other laws
  • Each teammate must have a light for safety and all teams need a writing utensil
  • If you get tired, thirty, bored, or hungry it’s totally fine to stop at one of our fine downtown establishments for nourishment.  Just don’t take a taxi back to the race site, Kristy Taylor.
  • Be back by 9pm – for every minute late, we deduct two points from your totals and you eat the pizza that we dropped on the floor.
  • Teams stay together at all times – don’t send the fast people ahead because you ate too much fudge at Christmas.
  • However, if nature calls stand a comfortable distance away.  We are sensitive to the fact once you hear an acquaintance’s splashies you can never go back.
  • Teams who dress up in costume get 10 bonus points.
  • Use your smartphone for photos, but no calls or internet research please.
  • Best team name gets a prize
  • Bring some cash along for optional mystery challenges.  There’s always a Foodie challenge.
  • In the event of a Zombiepocalypse, I suggest giving Negan half of your stuff.
  • Feel free to use GPS.  We feel naked without our Garmins too.
  • Write on your answer sheets in a way that at least a 3rd grader could read.  In the grand scheme of things, particularly the throbbing pus-filled abscess of a year known as 2016, is penmanship all that important?  Probably not, but it’s a heckuva lot easier to grade if you write nice.
  • Remember that if you cheat you are only cheating yourself because there are no awards at this race.
  • Are you still reading?
  • You are obviously a detail oriented person.
  • You should probably be doing something more productive than this right now.