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Happy 1st Dollar Gyro Day!

Happy 1st Dollar Gyro Day!

July, 5 2019 | 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

320 E. Walnut St. Springfield, MO 65806

ONE. Year. Anniversary.
Hi there Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas!
My name is John Tsahiridis (Cha-he-read-us)
and a while back I decided to open my own Greek Restaurant, but not just any restaurant.
A truly authentic what-you-will-find-in-Greece Greek Restaurant!
A Greek Taverna featuring a variety of Greek staples and Greek street foods that I grew up with, like real Greek Gyros!
These are not your typical Gyros that you find here.
They are not the “traditional” Chicago style Gyros made with a ground beef/lamb.
True Greek Gyros, the way they are made in Greece, are made with ONLY fresh whole muscle meats. Never frozen.
Hand-sliced, hand-stacked and cooked on a vertical Rotisserie!
Traditional Rotisserie Pork or Chicken are the most popular.

So it’s been a heck of a year. 365 Days.12 Months.
But all we care about is the number ONE.
Why? $1 Greek Gyros! #gyrosforall
Our very first Annual Gyro Day!
We will be opening 30min early at 10:30am and offering $1 PORK or CHICKEN GYROS till 3pm (or sellout!) on Friday July 5th.

We will be offering other specials on that day AND evening (more info on these soon!) #opatime

Rules and Guidelines for this very special event:
– The $1 Gyros will be available in-store only for Dine-in or Carryout. – Our Online Carryout system (website) and UberEats delivery will be offline during this time.
– No reservations for lunch, but yes for the evening!!
– Limit 2 $1 Gyros per Order, per Guest.
– We will be offering a $3 Combo (1 Gyro + 1 Side)
and a $5 Combo (1 Gyro + 1 Side + 1 Soft Drink)
– The first 100 Guests (maybe more) will be getting a piece of Greek Gold chocolate! (ION)