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In Vain - Missouri State University Theatre & Dance

In Vain – Missouri State University Theatre & Dance

April, 13 2023 | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

1147 E Grand St Springfield, MO 65804

$24 Adults, $22 Seniors/Students

Seventeen-year-old Vivian has led a most sheltered life. The only child of eccentric Hollywood actress Madeline Wilde, Vivian has been hidden away in a gated mansion without mirrors, forbidden to see her own image. Following Madeline’s untimely death, Vivian’s stunning beauty is finally revealed to the world at her mother’s funeral. Award-winning celebrity photographer Andi Marco shoots a portrait that captures Vivian’s outward perfection, and Vivian makes a fateful wish to remain as young and beautiful as she is at that moment. As the years pass and her sins pile up, Vivian’s physical appearance remains eerily unchanged; however, the portrait, which she has hidden in her basement, has a life of its own! A witty new spin on Oscar Wilde’s gothic novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” “In Vain” satirizes pop culture’s obsession with youth, beauty and fame.

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