Jason Kinney Band at Front of House Lounge

Jason Kinney Band at Front of House Lounge

September, 21 2018 | 9:00 pm

322 South Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


Music can be considered living art for it changes and evolves with each song that’s written and each show that’s performed. The Jason Kinney Band pairs original music with timeless lyrics grounded in life experiences. Pulling from his musical roots covering the spectrum of rock from bluegrass to hard rock, Jason utilizes his natural songwriting abilities to bring listeners into his world by offering them the opportunity to escape into his music.

Like any piece of art a musical performance doesn’t just happen. The band works diligently to bring their performance to such a level, that quite often fellow musicians are in attendance showing their support. The honesty in his vocals and his passion for music will captivate you as Jason doesn’t simply play music he embodies it.