Downtown Springfield Association
Juneteenth Pilgrimage

Juneteenth Pilgrimage

June, 19 2023 | 12:00 pm

Park Central Square Springfield, Missouri 65806

The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of West Missouri is visiting Park Central Square on Monday, June 19 at noon to visit and learn about the lynchings that took place on the Square on April 14, 1906 of Horace Duncan, Fred Coker & Will Allen. Missouri Faith Voices and NAACP Springfield — Religious Affairs Committee will join in on the conversation to speak about the importance of history and how the community can move upward. Church congregations & community members are invited to stand with these guests.
Horace Duncan, Fred Coker, and Will Allen were three of at last 60 African American victims of racial terror lynching in Missouri between 1877 and 1950. Prior to that day, Springfield had a thriving African American community. During the lynchings, Black citizens hid in terror, afraid they would be next. And in the aftermath, many left Springfield. In 2019, The City of Springfield took a major role in the ceremony honoring the three men who were attacked and killed there. Springfield Mayor Ken McClure spoke words of hope as the historical marker was dedicated. 
The Diocese of West Missouri wants to help in taking one more step toward the elimination of racism by visiting the many lynching sites in the state of Missouri. Remembering the events of that weekend in 1906 on Park Central Square is just one thing that must happen to ensure lynchings (and their modern equivalent – mass incarceration and executions) of Black people never happen again.
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