Downtown Springfield Association
Mappy Hour Springfield: Outdoor Story Slam

Mappy Hour Springfield: Outdoor Story Slam

December, 6 2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

301 West Walnut St. Springfield, MO 65806

Join us for our first ever SGF Mappy Hour Story Slam. It will our first time at one of the coolest new shops in downtown: Sharks Surf X Supply!

We want to hear about the adventures that have defined your journey as an outdoor enthusiast.
There are so many awesome hidden athletes in our area and we want to hear some of those hidden gem feats, so you’re invited to bring a story that recounts a time you did “Anything for the Great Outdoors!”

The rules of the road: We will randomly pick 5 speakers to share so come prepared! Each story will be limited to 5 minutes and we ask that you keep it PG.

This will be a night to remember so find your story with the theme “Anything for the Great Outdoors!” and bring it with you on December 6th!