Downtown Springfield Association

Me Too Springfield Rally

October, 6 2018 | 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Park Central Square Springfield, MO 65806


This rally is meant to show solidarity with the #metoo survivors of the Springfield, MO area. This rally will be bipartisan, and family/pet friendly. It will include music, spoken word, shared stories of hope, a community for sexual assault survivors, a “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit, a self-defense demo, and speakers. Signs are welcome!
12:00pm: Jordan Harris, Me Too Springfield – testimony
12:10pm: Chrystal Quade, MO House of Representatives
12:20pm: Lynn Morris, MO House of Representatives
12:30pm: This Odd Life – spoken word
12:40pm: Dustin Preston – music
12:50pm: Krista Moncado, GLO Center – sexual assault in the LGBTQ community
01:00pm: Kaijuanda Sutton, SWMO NOW
01:15pm: Jessamyn Orchard – music
01:30pm: Sophia Marsh – spoken word
01:40pm: Debbie Walker & Jenay Divin, Green Dot – sexual assault on college campuses
02:00pm: Hudson – music
02:40pm: Alyssah Morrison – poetry
02:45pm: Raymond Lampert, Lampert Law Offices – legal rights of sexual assault victims
03:00pm: Brandi Bartel, The Victim Center
03:15pm: Motion Playlist, POINT Performing Arts – dance
03:25pm: Adam Andreassen & Karen Shipley, Burell Behavioral Health – mental health & sexual assault
03:45pm: Chris Dunham, Dunham Martial Arts – selfdefense demo
04:05pm: Kelsey Nichol, Me Too Springfield – testimony & music
04:15pm: Brian Bulger – music