Not your mom's '90s Party w/ Dial Up — at Outland Ballroom

Not your mom’s ’90s Party w/ Dial Up — at Outland Ballroom

March, 7 2020 | 8:00 pm

324 South Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


The region’s premiere ’90s party band, Dial Up is finally coming to Springfield! Call your baby sitter! Tape Full House! Pause Donkey Kong Country because there’s a party to go to at Outland Ballroom!

The Springfield City Council finally approved the show amidst concerns of Dial Up reportedly “rocking that ’90s shit too damn hard.” Springfield Mayor Ken McClure reportedly said, “Listen, I’m all about some doot doot dooing and California Loving, but I have public safety to worry about.” Only after the great people of Springfield threatened a revolt was the show approved.

Dial Up exploded on the scene in Fayetteville bringing an authentic selection of the ’90s best music. From Nate Dog and Warren G to Foo Fighters and Alanis Morissette, Dial Up is sure to bring the party all up in your business.