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nothing,nowhere. w/ Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + more at Outland Ballroom

nothing,nowhere. w/ Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + more at Outland Ballroom

November, 28 2018 | 6:30 pm

324 South Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


“There is a certain nostalgia that creeps up when adulthood is knocking; there is a sense of lack. You develop a more realistic understanding of your mortality, you realize that the pendulum of time keeps swinging. Faces fade and people change. Life can be garbage, the idea is to find meaning within the suffering. This project is about connecting with others through honest emotion and nothing more.” – n,n.

Somewhere, in a cluttered basement in rural Vermont, you will find “nothing,nowhere.” creating in solitude. In this very basement – a socially anxious kid has ironically managed to reach not only the rest of the country, but the globe.

Since creating the project in April of 2015, the project surpassed a million plays on SoundCloud in just 10 months and has found a home within the new wave of internet music. It’s midwest emo meets southern trap; heart wrenching guitar riffs with unapologetic 808s and razor sharp hi-hats. Forget a genre, it is what it is – and nothing,nowhere. wouldn’t have it any other way.
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
Through an extensive catalog of collaborations, singles, EPs and 2016’s Secret Boy LP, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal aka Adam Mcilwee has become a celebrated pioneer in a vital new direction of underground music. Wicca Phase’s forthcoming LP ­ his most focused effort to date­ will be coming out on Run For Cover Records in early 2019. McIlwee’s innate gift with words can be traced back to his time in Tigers Jaw, the widelY influential band he fronted before walking away in 2013 to set path on an ambitious new chapter. He would refine Wicca Phase’s unmistakeable sound with each release, blending the incisive wit of songwriters like NickCave with heart­ on­ sleeve earnestness and fearless experimentation with modern hip hop production. Unique combinations of dark electronics, trap rhythms and alternative music that initially caught some listeners off­ guard, but as his style developed, his audience grew as well.
Inadvertently at the forefront of a burgeoning musical movement, McIlwee co­founded Goth Boi Clique: a 10­person collective that assembled some of the best artists of this new style under one banner, and helped shape its fervent community. Meanwhile, as a solo artist,Wicca Phase demonstrated that despite the growing popularity of the sound he helped forge, he exists in a creative sphere all his ow — releasing 2017’s acoustic Raw andDeclawed EP and most recently a collaborative track with newfound label mate Georgia Maq of Camp Cope. His expressive voice is the crux: simultaneously assured and vulnerable. An intriguing combination of mystery and honestyt hat welcomes new listeners without ever compromising his passion to evolve.
SMRTDEATH (sethany, lil death) is a singer/vocalist hailing from Winnipeg, MB. Drawing as much influence from Future & Lil Wayne as Sum 41 & Taking Back Sunday, SMRTDEATH blends together melodies more likely to be found in your favorite pop punk or emo throwbacks with flows and cadences rivaling your favorite contemporary rappers. In his first year of releasing music, smrtdeath has gained a large and loyal following all over the world. His live performances are known for their mesmerizing energy and unmatched intensity. SMRTDEATH is at the forefront of an emerging new sound in an increasingly genre-blended landscape. Whether making you cry, dance, or both at the same time, 2018 promises to be a year that SMRTDEATH becomes a name you constantly ask your friends how they pronounce.