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Supernatural Live Parodies

Supernatural Live Parodies

April, 27 2019 | 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

401 N. Boonville Springfield, MISSOURI 65804

Don’t miss out on this amazing season finale of Supernatural!

Sam and Dean Winchester; two Midwest brothers on a quest to vanquish monsters, demons, and other forces of the paranormal. They’ve laid course to maintain the family business of saving people, and hunting things that go bump in the night while on their quest to conquer the yellow-eyed demon, that took their mother from them many years ago, and not so recently, their father too.

In the wake of Sam’s untimely demise, Dean grieves over his death while battling his own demons and guilt over his failure to protect Sam. Bobby does his best to be patient while Dean copes, but to little avail. Bobby leaves Dean alone, and Dean makes a desperate move.

Meanwhile, Yellow Eyes consults Jake, and deceives him into striking a deal. Either complete his request and kickstarting the Apocalypse, or have the ones closest to him murdered. Jake agrees and the demon hands over the Colt; the legendary gun capable of killing anything that it shoots. The Colt however, is more than just a gun. It’s a key to unlock a gate to the underworld.

Elsewhere, Dean fires up the Impala and strikes a sordid deal with a crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life, but at what cost to his own soul? Dean negotiates an arrangement, and is given a year left to live before the Hellhounds come calling.

Jake makes headway with carrying out the fresh laid plans of the Yellow-Eyed-Demon, while Ellen reunites with Bobby and the brothers. Time is running out, and they all must band together to stop Jake, and prevent the end of the world.

Will Dean seal the deal, and bring Sam back from the dead? Will our heroic hunters be able to stop Jake before carrying out the nefarious bidding of Yellow Eyes in unleashing an army of demons onto the world? Find out in this exciting conclusion to our season 2 finale!

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