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Supernatural: Live Parodies - Bad Day at Black Rock at Nathan P. Murphy's

Supernatural: Live Parodies – Bad Day at Black Rock at Nathan P. Murphy’s

August, 23 2019 | 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

218 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, MO 65806


Sam and Dean Winchester; two Midwest brothers on a quest to vanquish monsters, demons, and other forces of the paranormal. They’ve laid course to maintain the family business of saving people, and hunting things that go bump in the night. As season 3 kicks off, the Winchesters, along with their hunting buddies have a lot of work to do.

Relishing in their victory from their lifelong quest to kill the Yellow-Eyed-Demon, and banishing the 7 Deadly Sins back to Hell, the Winchesters still have their hands full from all the demons that escaped from the Hell’s Gate that was opened. After nearly kick-starting the Apocalypse, the brothers have a world of problems to clean up.

After several weeks on the road searching for new cases, and receiving a possible lead from Ruby to get Dean out of his deal, the brothers receive a call from one of John’s old burner phones. On the other end of the line is a friend keeping watch on a storage unit John kept in Upstate New York. The brothers head out to find the unit broken into, and discover that a cursed artifact that John kept on lock down was stolen.

After some quick recon, Sam and Dean find the petty thieves, and reacquire the stolen payload; a rabbit’s foot that brings anyone who touches it great luck, but dire consequences if it’s ever lost or stolen.

While Dean relishes in their newfound luck with Sam as the holder of the rabbit’s food, Gordon, an old hunter friend of John’s, gets wind of Sam’s psychic abilities, and marks him as a monster in need of killing. Along with his thug, Kubrick, Gordon sets out to track Sam, and put him down.

Meanwhile, a British con artist who goes by Bella, seems to have a growing interest in the rabbit’s foot, and hopes to retrieve it to sell to the highest bidder, even if it proves fatal for Sam.

Can the Winchesters keep the rabbit’s foot long enough to dissolve the curse? Can Sam and Dean evade Gordon and his plan to put Sam down like the rest of the monsters they’ve hunted all these years? Or will Bella nab the rabbit’s foot and bring Sam a string of bad luck? Find out in our latest episode of Supernatural: Live Parodies at our latest location at Nathan P. Murphy’s in Downtown Springfield! Let’s go hunting!

Two show nights:
Friday, August 23 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, August 24 at 7:30 PM

Admission: $12 at the door or advance ticket sales for $10 at

Admission is at the entrance of Nathan P. Murphy’s 218 S. Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65806. For reservations call (417) 766-3139

Presented by A Class Act Productions
Performed at Nathan P. Murphy’s

Beer and cocktails available to purchase.