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Supernatural: Live Parodies – "Simon Said"

Supernatural: Live Parodies – “Simon Said”

August, 24 2018 - August 25, 2018 | 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

401 N. Boonville Avenue Springfield, MO 65806


Sam and Dean Winchester; two Midwest brothers on a quest to vanquish monsters, demons, and other forces of the paranormal. They’ve laid course to maintain the family business of protecting people from the things that go bump in the night.

After spending the summer fixing up the Impala, Dean is ready to take Baby for a spin and Sam is ready for a new case. They stop in at the roadhouse to touch base with Ellen and Jo, while Ash has a new case in stow.

Elsewhere, a wily resident of a sleepy Oklahoma town seems to have the jive and talk to get people to do whatever he wants, including, and not limited to, gruesome bouts of suicide.

Sam seems suspicious of the newfound psychic but Dean’s not sure they’ve got the right guy. There also seems to be a strange connection between these psychics popping up on the radar, and some evil plot involving the yellow-eyed demon…

Are there more of these super-powered psychics running around besides Sam? Are they connected to Azazel? Is this smooth talking, jive walking dude in a gnarly van responsible for people offing themselves? Find out in this next month’s episode of Supernatural: Live Parodies!

Two show nights:
Friday, August 24, at 7:30 PM
Saturday, August 25, at 7:30 PM

Presented by A Class Act Productions