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Tent Theatre presents "The Mousetrap"

Tent Theatre presents “The Mousetrap”

June, 29 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

1147 E. Grand St. Springfield, MO 65897


by Agatha Christie
directed by Sarah Wiggin

A group of seemingly unrelated strangers are trapped at a country inn by a snowstorm. A police detective arrives on skis and begins questioning the proprietors and guests about their possible connection to a woman with local ties who has been found murdered. As each person’s background is probed, dark secrets from the past emerge, and soon everyone is a suspect!

Who is the killer? What is the motive?? And who will be the next victim??? 

Devised by the mistress of mysteries, Agatha Christie, THE MOUSETRAP will keep you guessing until the surprising twist ending!