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The Basement Kats: A Gal Pal Variety Show

The Basement Kats: A Gal Pal Variety Show

September, 22 2018 | 10:15 pm

504 W. College St Springfield, MO 65806


Monk’s Social Club and Skinny Improv Productions are excited to announce a new monthly all women’s comedy variety show.

The Basement Kats:A Gal Pal Variety Show

The Basement Kats is a Variety show filled with Springfield’s most underrated women. Some say they have too much time on their hands, while others say they don’t have enough. A variety show featuring sketch comedy, storytelling, digital shorts, improv comedy, singing and whatever else maybe on the Basement Kats hearts and minds. The Basement Kats are made up a group of gal pals who’s main goal is creating art, comedy, and music to entertain you and yours.

Tickets are $5 and for reservations and information email

Basement Kats is a Skinny Improv Production
Executive Producers: Jeff Jenkins and Kent Williams
ShowRunner: Roxie Rachel-Michelle Anger

Basement Kats is written, shot, edited, created, and performed by
Roxie Rachel-Michelle Anger
Ally Jeppsen
Hannah Brashers
Hope Suffelette
Lillian Stone
Jenna Bulger
Kirsten Vlasic
Angel Beason
Alyssah Morrison
Megan Jeppsen
And Courtney Box