Downtown Springfield Association
The Great Cobra Breakout Game

The Great Cobra Breakout Game

May, 29 2021 | 10:00 am - 11:30 pm


Do you love puzzles? Have you tried a virtual escape room?
History Museum on the Square has developed an entertaining and educational virtual puzzle game. The year is 1953 and the city of Springfield is enjoying the summer heat. Little did citizens know, cobras would be released into the streets putting a quick end to all summer fun. The unexpected and accidental release of cobras from a local pet shop struck fear into residents as they began to search cautiously for the escaped serpents.
You can help us find all the cobras by unlocking the puzzles and using clues that can all be found on the game link. This immersive puzzle game is good for either date night or family game night, from the comfort of your home.
This virtual experience includes the online puzzle game, a party kit with your choice of Mother’s Brewing Company Cobra Scare (2) or soda (2), sweet treats, and a playlist of 1953 hits to set the tone.
Registration is open until May 18th. We will send you a confirmation and link to the game. Party Kits can be picked up at the museum during regular business hours starting May 19th. Friday, May 21st from 6-8 pm, History Museum staff will be online and available to help if you have any questions. The game will be available to play May 21st through May 30th!