The Nortons at Blue Room Comedy Club

The Nortons at Blue Room Comedy Club

December, 23 2018 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

541 E. St. Louis St. , Springfield, MO 65806


Bailey Norton and Nancy Norton, Niece and Aunt Comedians are combining 33 years of standup experience into one hilarious night! Nancy and Bailey return to Springfield for Christmas and launch the comedy duo show, “The Nortons”
Both standups hail from the same funny Norton family. Take that any way you want! All the Nortons are funny.Bailey and Nancy thrive on attention from strangers a little more than the rest of the Nortons. Both standups have a strong background in sketch and improv comedy. The two will be doing individual standup acts, followed by improv comedy and some very, very new sketches… that may or may not be written on stage that night. Be part of the development and evolution of The Nortons!

Bailey Norton, the Niece, is a comedian, writer, and actress based in Los Angeles who got her start in comedy with The Skinny Improv in 2011 and went on to graduate for UCB improv. She was the 2012 NSDA National Champion in Humorous Interpretation — Bailey was the first Missourian to ever win the national tournament (est. 1931). Bailey is a graduate of Marshfield High School. She performs at all the best clubs in LA: The Ice House, The World Famous Comedy Store and runs her own show called “Complex Comedy” at the Complex Theater in Hollywood.

Nancy Norton, the Aunt, has been a headlining standup comedian for over 20 years and has toured all over the world doing shows for Clubs, Cruises and USO Tours. This year Nancy became the first woman ever to Win the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival. Nancy graduated from Glendale High School and St. John’s School of Nursing and worked as an RN at Mercy hospital in the 80’s. She likes to tell people she got out of nursing for the same reason a lot of people got into it, “To Save Lives!” She has been featured on “Evening at the Improv” on A&E, Nickmom Night Out on Nickelodeon and in her one-woman show, “The Yellowish-Green Girl” on PBS

Come on out for a fun night of stand-up comedy and great drink specials at The Blue Room Comedy Club – located right inside Billiards of Springfield!

Free parking is available.

Full food and drink menu in the comedy club.