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The Squirrel Chasers: A Comedy Show With Country and Western Music

The Squirrel Chasers: A Comedy Show With Country and Western Music

September, 8 2018 | 8:00 pm

504 W. College St Springfield, MO 65806

The Squirrel Chasers are back Springfield! Restraining orders have been lifted, warrants recalled and the last little dust up was pleaded down to misdemeanor with a couple fines and some community service to round it out so Springfield we are back! But this time we will be much more aware of the laws your fine city has in regards to keeping large jungle cats as domestic pets. We are sorry and moving on and ready to play some covers of covers of covers of other people’s covers. All the way from Crossett, Arkansas we are back and locked and loaded! But again as we learned from headless statue incident from last time, our military grade t Shirt cannons, that we use to shoot t-shirts into a crowd and incredibly dangerous speeds, were not legally made nor manufactured in an OSHA approved plant. Lead singer Dalton got them in a rest stop outside of Belton, Texas from a squinty eyed older feller who, tempted fair Dalton by saying “hey you in the hat. Wanna see something cool and potentially deadly?” This man… legally we are not allowed to say his name due to pending matters in federal courts is on the run from Johny Law and is not allowed in Greene County. So Springfield, we are back and ready to play some classic country! Outlaw Country! But Outlaw Country that safely fits in accordance to any and all city and county codes and decrees!! Safe Outlaw Country!

The Squirrel Chasers can best be described as an improvised country and western bar band that is the only cover band that does covers of covers of covers of other band’s covers. Four covers from originalIty!This fictional band consists of four brothers from Crossett, AR (they are all named after Patrick Swayze movies because their momma saw a Swayze movie marathon on cable and changed their names legally) The Squirrel Chasers are professionals who’s 16 different dads taught them to play classic country and western music, tell stories, and improvise songs on the spot in the style of classic country.

Tickets to what concert goers have called “ well the seats were comfortable” can be had for only $5 and The Brothers Donavan ask you mosey on over to to get tickets or call 417-866-3695 to chat or email

Springfield it’s about to get weird! But in accordance to any and all city and county laws and ordinances!