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The Squirrel Chasers at Monk's Social Club

The Squirrel Chasers at Monk’s Social Club

October, 6 2018 | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

504 W. College St Springfield, MO 65806

The Squirrel Chasers can best be described as an improvised country and western bar band that is the only cover band that does covers of covers of covers of other band’s covers. Four covers from originalIty!This fictional band consists of four brothers from Crossett, AR (they are all named after Patrick Swayze movies because their momma saw a Swayze movie marathon on cable and changed their names legally) The Squirrel Chasers are professionals who’s 16 different dads taught them to play classic country and western music, tell stories, and improvise songs on the spot in the style of classic country.