Downtown Springfield Association

Downtown Investment Guide: Construction & Utilities

Collaborative Community Development

What is CCD? It’s the City of Springfield’s philosophy for making our community development-friendly and “open for business” by working collaboratively with private developers and designers to ensure high-quality, timely and safe projects become a reality.

City of Springfield Developer’s Corner

Starting or expanding a business is an exciting thing. Here are a few things you should know about how to successfully establish services with City Utilities.

City Utilities — Start, stop, or transfer services

City Utilities — Developer Services

City Utilities — Construction Standards

Call Before You Dig!

Missouri law requires that a locate request be placed before beginning any excavation.  The utilities should respond to your  request within 3 working days by:

  • Marking the approximate location of their facilities or
  • Notifying you that they have no facilities in your dig site area.

After confirming utility response,  you can then proceed with your excavation avoiding damages.

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