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The ABCs of Coworking

May 15, 2018

Downtown Springfield is rapidly becoming a hub for the area’s most vibrant, innovative office cultures. From in-office ping-pong tables to our summer Downtown Wiffle League, it’s a great time to work in a downtown office. But what if you’re a freelancer, startup or extra-small business? A traditional office space may not be affordable or necessary depending on your situation. That’s where coworking comes in. Whether you’re working remotely, going full-time freelance or looking for a home for your startup, a coworking space could be a great launchpad for your business. We connected with Paul Tillman, who owns Originate Office Space on South Avenue, to find out about the ABCs of coworking: Affordability, Building community and Conservation.

The ABCs of Coworking


Originate Office Space Owner Paul Tillman describes coworking as “higher quality for a lower price.” Depending on your needs, a coworking space like Originate can help you save money on basic office items like printing, meeting space, internet and utilities. Securing a desk at a coworking space also eliminates the need for an office space of your own, which can get very expensive very quickly—especially for a solo worker or extremely small team.

Building Community

The freedom that comes with owning your own small business can be exhilarating, but it can also be a bit lonely. A lot of freelancers and startups find that they miss the community feel that comes with working in a shared office space. At Originate, freelancers and small business owners get the community feel of an office in a collaborative, casual setting. That also means extra networking opportunities that can benefit everyone in the space, especially as their businesses grow.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but sharing space can make a big impact on the environment. Shared space equals less energy consumption and fewer redundant buildings, helping keep urban areas like downtown Springfield vibrant and open for new retail, dining and community spaces. By reducing your use of energy, you’ll be doing your part to go green.

Are you a freelancer, small business owner or startup company? Originate Office Space could be the answer to your coworking prayers. Contact Originate at 417-872-7468 for more information.