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Tips for watching the Big Game this Sunday

February 09, 2023

Whether you’re cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, Rihanna or the person bringing the buffalo chicken dip this Sunday, Downtown Springfield has everything you need to have the most super of bowls!

Where to Watch

Who wants to clean up their house after a big party? Take it easy, come Downtown for the party and leave the clean-up to us. For ease of selection the locations have been organized by your reason for going. If you’re there for:

the game, head to Finnegan’s Wake

the party, hit up Best of Luck Beer Hall

the potluck, bring your dish to Golden Girl Rum Club

the half-time show, sashay to Martha’s Vineyard

the beer, saunter over to Mother’s Brewing


Win the Snack Game

The one thing all Big Game viewers can agree on: the snacks need to be just as super as the bowl. So make sure you’re bringing your best this Sunday with some of these special offers:

Batched Cocktails from 417 Cocktails
(Super)Bowl Bottles are the perfect way to have Chiefs themed cocktails with no effort! Each bottle serves eight, just add liquor (each bottle tells you how much) and pour over ice. They even come with rimming sugars and garnishes. Available in Kingdom Cocktail and Rum it Back.

St. Michael’s World-Famous Cakes
Celebrate the Super Bowl with a fresh St Michael’s Strawberry Cake or Red Velvet Cake — the unofficial Kansas Chiefs Super Bowl Cakes.

Feed the whole team with Sandwich Scene
Cater the party with a game-winning sandwich spread from Sandwich Scene!

Make it dietary inclusive AND delicious with Bosky’s
Whether you’re trying to feed vegans, vegetarians, the gluten-free or your standard meat-eaters Bosky’s is there for you. Sliders, chicken tenders, brats, chili — all the best game food, that everyone can eat!


Get Your Gear On

5 Pound Apparel has you and your dog covered with Chiefs gear.