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5 Reasons to Love Urban Living

August 08, 2017

Every month from May to October, we host First Fridays on the Square in partnership with Murney Associates, Realtors. This year, we’ve focused on the five urban neighborhoods that surround downtown: Midtown, West Central, Rountree, Phelps Grove and Grant Beach. Each month, we’ve invited neighborhood residents to vote on their favorite aspects of urban living, and we’ve noticed some patterns.

Phelps Grove and Grant Beach nights are still to come (September 2 and October 6, respectively), and we’re excited to see if these themes stick. Join us in September and October to cast your vote!

1. Walkable and bikeable

Our urban neighborhoods are arguably the most pedestrian-friendly in town, offering a strong community of cyclists and walkers that promote an active, engaged lifestyle.

2. Local shopping, dining and nightlife

Living in an urban neighborhood means you’re just a quick stroll away from downtown Springfield’s vibrant shopping, dining and nightlife scene. From vintage finds at A Cricket in the House to Indian food at Zayka to late-night tunes at Outland Ballroom, there’s something for everyone from age 12 to 112.

3. Homes with history (and great front porches)

You won’t find cookie-cutter homes or McMansions here. Every home in our urban neighborhoods is unique, and many of them are over 100 years old. With that history comes charm and, of course, front porches that are perfect for relaxing and visiting with neighbors.

4. Great festivals

Living near downtown Springfield means access to some of the city’s most iconic festivals including Artsfest, Taste of SoMo, the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival and Cider Days. Our neighborhoods are just minutes away from participating in beloved traditions that make Springfield a great place to live.

5. Classic neighborhood fun

Our urban neighborhoods are home to annual parades, kid-friendly Halloween fun (did somebody say king-sized candy bars?) and other traditions that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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