Downtown Springfield Association
D&D at Mother's Brewing

D&D at Mother’s Brewing

November, 13 2022 | 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

215 South Grant Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65806


Join Mother’s Brewing and VisionCon to play a monthly one-shot raid. Bring a party of up to 5 people, or join another small group. Each table is participating in the same adventure and they can affect each other. Your success or failure as individual tables can affect the outcome of the whole event!
Each $10 admission covers a seat at the gaming table and includes a beer, cider, or seltzer of your choice, and 2 player re-rolls.
Pre-made characters: Players are allowed and encouraged to pre-make their characters for this event. If they do so their characters must meet the criteria described below.
–Should be created at level 3.
–Allowed resources: PHB, XGE, TCE, FTB, and MMM
–Stat generation: Standard Array or Point buy only
–Starting equipment by class, cannot use starting wealth
–May only multi-class once provided they meet all prerequisites
–No feats are allowed. By extension any variant rule (such as variant humans or custom lineage) which allow feats is not allowed.
–Bonds, personality traits, ideals, and flaws must be filled in
–Evil alignments are allowed, but toxic player behavior will not be
–Spells that consume their components or have a gold cost are assumed to be present for one (1) casting worth if it consumes the material. I.e. find familiar, chromatic orb, or identify.