Downtown Springfield Association
Finish Line (American Lager) Release Party — at Springfield Brewing Company

Finish Line (American Lager) Release Party — at Springfield Brewing Company

July, 10 2020 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

301 S. Market Springfield, Missouri 65806

No cover

Release party on the patio outside at SBC. OPEN TO ALL. (This beer was made by the team, for the community.♥️🖤♥️🖤). Live on the patio with local musician, Molly E. Healey.

Conceived, Designed and Brewed (at least in part by members of SBCA in collaboration with the awesome SBC brewing team) – Finish Line (American Lager) is ready to roll for summer!

This is a Pre-Prohibition-style Lager: 5.0 abv; 13 IBUs; Malt: 2 row, Pilsner, Acidulated, Corn; Hops: American Hallertau; Yeast-
Augustiner lager yeast.

A straw-colored lager, hearkening back to the days before prohibition. Light body, ever so slightly sweet malt/corn flavor, clean lager character, with just a smidge of noble hop flavor and bitterness.

(Pre-prohibition lagers are the missing link – the Lucy if you will – connecting continental Czech and German Pilsners to the lighter Macro American lagers that dominate the beer world today. These beers were intended to have flavor and character like the beers immigrant brewers knew in the old word, but by utilizing both the climate (temperatures and water chemistry) of the new world and some of its ingredients such as corn and different hop varietals a noticeable change occurred. Prohibition killed the style and many breweries. But we are happy to bring it back with this collaboration with the SBCA – brewed to be shared with friends, teammates, competitors and the community alike – to be enjoyed after crossing your finish line, after a hard day.)