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Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Favorite Downtown Spots

November 22, 2017

By Adam McMullin, Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is the authority on local attractions. Check out this roundup of the CVB’s favorite downtown spots. Trust them—they’re local experts!

J.B. “Wild Bill” Hickok/ Davis Tutt Shootout Markers
These markers in Park Central Square offer a fascinating glimpse into Springfield’s history. Wild Bill Hickok killed Davis Tutt there in 1865 over a gambling debt!

Route 66 Visitors Center
We had to include the Route 66 Visitors Center! It’s not only a great place to learn about Old Route 66 — it’s also our home. The Visitors Center is like stepping back into the 1950s or 1960s complete with memorabilia from a time gone by. Come and visit us!

Sculpture Walk Springfield
Sculpture Walk Springfield has been a fantastic addition to downtown Springfield over the last few years. It’s a great way to explore downtown and take in the arts at the same time.

Historic Buildings
Walking around downtown Springfield, you can really get a great sense of history when you slow down and check out the details. Many of the buildings downtown have inscriptions on them that tell their story and it is quite fascinating. Also, keep a look out for historical markers.

Jordan Valley Park
This park in the heart of Springfield has become one of the Queen City’s most unique and beautiful parks. It’s a nice oasis that comes alive with streams and fountains in the spring and summer and bursts with color in the fall. There are also sculptures in the park as part of the Sculpture Walk.

Hammons Field
The home of the Springfield Cardinals has been named Texas League Field of the Year for the last seven years, and it’s no wonder! This beautiful ball park is a big part of the fan experience when attending a Cardinals game. There’s nothing like watching the future of Cardinals Baseball at Hammons Field.

Walnut Street Historic District
Home to Springfield’s Artsfest and Cider Days, Walnut Street is not only beautiful and rich in history, it’s a great place for people to gather. Taking a walk down Walnut Street, be sure to look around at the architecture of the homes built in the late 19th Century.

The view from the top of Hammons Tower
The view from the top of Springfield’s tallest building is abut to become more accessible to the public with the opening of JQH Tower Club — a new restaurant in its top two floors. The sunset views from here are absolutely amazing!