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Downtown Glass Recycling Program diverts 5 million bottles from landfill

April 21, 2023

Since its inception in 2008, the Downtown Glass Recycling Program recycled more than five million glass bottles. Thanks to a grant from Ozark Headwaters Recycling and Materials Management District (OHRD), the Downtown Springfield Association has been faithfully collecting glass bottles from businesses across Downtown, C-Street and the Pickwick area, diverting them from the local landfill. Once these bottles leave the local Springfield bars and restaurants, they are sold off to Ripple Glass in Kansas City.

A big THANK YOU to the businesses doing their part to minimize the waste headed to our local landfill:


The Albatross
Best of Luck Beer Hall
Big Whiskey’s
Bruno’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar
Civil Kitchen
The Coffee Ethic
Downtown CID Events
Ernie Bigg’s Piano Bar
Finnegan’s Wake
417 Taphouse
Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe
Gilardi’s Ristorante
Hotel Vandivort
Kai After Dark
Martha’s Vineyard
Moxie Cinema
The Mudlounge
Prairie Pie
Seattle Roast
St. Michael’s Restaurant and Catering
Skinny Slim’s
SOAP Refill Station
Springfield Billiards
Springfield Brewing Company
The Flea
Tinga Taco
The Old Glass Place
Tropical Liquers
University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
Veridian Event Center
Wheeler’s Lofts


Cafe Cusco
Lindberg’s Tavern
Moon City Pub
Pizza House
Savoy Ballroom
Van Gogh’s Eeterie

Pickwick & Cherry

Cherry Picker Package X Fare
The Royal
Team Taco
Tie & Timber Beer Co.