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Quiz: Which Springfield, MO New Years Eve Party is for you?

December 21, 2022

There’s so many options to consider when deciding how to ring in the new year. Let us help you pick the perfect party in Downtown Springfield, MO to bring you into 2023.


What is the most important factor of a good night out?

A. The food

B. Dancing

C. A good laugh

D. A great outfit

E. The ambience

F. The drinks

G. Being in bed on time


What are you drinking on NYE?

A. Ouzo

B. Craft Beer

C. A well

D. Shots

E. A classic cocktail

F. A fancy mixed drink

G. Soda


If it wasn’t NYE, how would you spend your Saturday night?

A. Trying a new restaurant

B. Grabbing a beer with a friend

C. Watching the latest Netflix special

D. Pregaming and then hitting a club

E. At the theatre

F. A concert

G. Hanging with my family, maybe an episode of Bluey


What is your ✨vibe✨?

A. The foodie

B. The beer snob/NPR nerd

C. The funny one

D. The life of the party

E. Retro

F. The Spotify playlist connoisseur

G. The kid


What are you wearing to the party?

A. Casual, but nice outfit

B. Jeans and a flannel

C. Jeans and a blazer

D. Something iconic that matches the theme

E. Something classy

F. Ripped jeans and a leather jacket

G. Whatever my mom picked out for me


If you answered mostly:

A’sOur. Big. Fat. GREEK NYE NIGHT! at Greek Belly

B’sMother’s New Year’s Eve Barrel House Booty Movin’ Boogie-Down at Mother’s Brewing

C’sNYE w/ Pete Lee at Blue Room Comedy Club

D’sGlitter & Gold: New Years Eve at Martha’s Vineyard

E’sNew Year’s Eve at the Historic Gillioz Theatre

F’sNew Year’s Eve Final Night at SBC’S The Cellar

G’sNoon Year’s Eve at the Discovery Center