Downtown Springfield Association

Downtown Wiffle League Rules

RULE No. 1: Any and all discrepancies must be IMMEDIATELY decided by Paper-Rock-Scissors (1-2-3-
Shoot) between the designated team captains.

1) 5 innings, both teams bat if tied (Queen City Division must change pitchers after five innings)
2) 3 outs per half-inning
3) 4 balls, 3 strikes per batter
4) No base running, ghost runners advance according to hit-type (below)
5) All pitch styles legal
6) Home team determined by the schedule
7) No gloves
8) No cleats
9) ERRORS: Dropped fly balls advance all runners (including batter) one base; fumbled ground balls are played as singles
10) Disputes settled by captains using common sense first, Paper/Rock/Scissors second
11) Captains required to keep score/stats during games
12) Winning team captain to report score/stats within 24 hours to
13) Every “stadium” has its own ground rules


1) Official lineup (and batting order) turned in at start of game (3-7 players, including 1 designated captain)
2) A minimum of 3 players required to play an official game in Queen City; no minimum in Sandlot
3) A maximum of 7 players allowed in the official lineup
4) Batting order may not be changed once the game begins
5) A maximum of 5 players allowed to play in the field (1 pitcher + 4 fielders even or behind pitcher)

Wiffle rules, not baseball rules:


1) 3 warmup tosses
2) One foot on pitching line during windup (pitching line at 32 feet in Sandlot, 40 feet in Queen City)
3) If a pitcher is removed from the mound, they may return but not during the same inning
4) Pitcher announces balls & strikes before each pitch and ghost runners before every batter


Did the ball hit the folding chair in the seat or above (anything but the legs) for Sandlot or the screen for QC?
Yes: Strike
No: Did the batter swing?
– Yes: Strike
– No: Ball


Did the batted ball go past the pitcher?
No: Balls hit on the ground must make it to the pitcher or it is a foul.
Yes: Was it below his/her head?
– Yes: Groundball. Single if not caught or fielded cleanly (no matter where it ends up, it can be no more than a single if hit below the top of the pitcher’s head)
– No: Fly ball. Extra-base hit
No: Did it hit the fence?
• Yes: Triple
• No: Did it go over the fence?
# Yes: Home Run
# No: Double if not caught

Ghost Runners!

Pitcher announces ghost runners and outs before every batter
• A single advances (ghost) runners one base
• A double advances (ghost) runners two bases
• A triple advances (ghost) runners three bases
• A home run …. ROUND EM! everybody scores


1) A groundball fielded cleanly by a fielder (or pitcher)
2) Any batted ball caught in the air by a fielder (or pitcher)
3) Foul balls can be caught for an out.
4) 3 strikes on a batter is an out.
5) With 2 strikes, if a batter swings and foul tips the ball back into the strike zone the batter will be declared out
on strikes.
6) With 2 strikes, a batter will receive 2 courtesy fouls before being called out on strikes


An eight-team tournament begins on Wednesday, Aug. 4. Each of the three rounds of the playoffs are single-game, single-elimination. The team with the better seed will serve as the “home” team and bat last.


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Ground Rules for DWL Fields

Mother’s 1
Triple – Hitting the surface of the outfield wall
Homerun – Hitting it over the outfield wall

Mother’s 2
Triple – Hitting the surface of the outfield wall
Homerun – Hitting it over the outfield wall

Mother’s 3
Double – Landing on the grass beyond the double line
Triple – Hitting the face of the white electrical enclosure in center field
Homerun – Hitting it over the homerun lines or over the white electrical enclosure in center field

Hollywood W
Triple – Hitting the surface of the wall of Hollywood Theaters below the homerun lines
Homerun – Hitting the surface of the wall of Hollywood Theatres above the homerun lines

Hollywood E
Triple – Hitting the outfield fence without going over
Homerun – Over the outfield fence

Park Central Square
Double – Landing on the steps of the area around the north end of the fountain
Triple – Landing on the face or top of the fountain retaining wall
Homerun – Landing in the water of the fountain

Community Partnership
Double – First line even with the edge of the building
Triple – Landing between the double and triple lines
Homerun – Landing over the homerun line

Chamber of Commerce
Double – north edge of the sidewalk
Triple – landing on the sidewalk
Homerun – landing over the south edge of the sidewalk

NOTE: Fielders must keep both feet on the playing surface to complete catches near triple or homerun lines.