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A Hip Joint Turns Two

March 13, 2018

Since opening in 2016, A Hip Joint has helped hundreds of downtowners with aches and pains. The clinic specializes in chiropractic work, acupuncture and massage—but that’s not all. In honor of the clinic’s upcoming two-year anniversary, we sat down with owners Dr. Eric Reavis and Dr. Tania Reavis to get the scoop on what sets A Hip Joint apart from other chiropractic clinics. 

Downtown Springfield: What made you choose downtown Springfield for your first clinic?
Dr. Eric Reavis: Looking at the nostalgia of downtown, we loved the idea of going back to the roots of the city. Look at the architecture—you can’t find buildings like this anywhere else in the city. Ultimately, this was the space that fit our vision, and we were excited to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown.

D.S.: Your space has a fun hippie theme. What’s the story behind that?
E.R.: Honestly, [the theme] was kind of an accident. We chose the name, and we just started rolling toward the hippie theme after that. We want to make sure the vibe is fun and approachable for everyone.

D.S.: What makes A Hip Joint special?
T.R.: We took everything that people hate about chiropractic clinics—like when you walk in and it’s sterile and uninviting—and got rid of it. We have memberships, but we don’t try to push people into them. We also took away the treatment plan—a pretty common thing in chiropractic clinics—that can cost several thousand dollars up front. That can be an overwhelming thing for a client, especially not even knowing how their body is going to respond.

E.R.: For me, it’s about helping the patients. That’s what got me into it in the beginning, and that’s what I’ll always do is be as hands-on as possible with their care. That’s definitely something we want to remember as we’re franchising, too—we want every franchisee to treat patients the way we do here in our home office.

D.S.: You’ve been incredibly successful in the past two years. What’s next for the business?
E.R.: We’re franchising and developing a product line. Right now, our product line is very small, but we’re starting to develop supplements, which we’re excited about. We’re really looking forward to these next few years.


D.S.: What’s in the works for the anniversary celebration?
T.R.: We’re having live music, some snacks and wine and a fun Bob Ross-themed paint party. We have three-by-three canvases so guests can do some painting, and we’re pre-printing an outline so even kids and less artistic people can enjoy themselves.

Don’t miss A Hip Joint’s two-year anniversary celebration this Saturday, March 16!