Downtown Springfield Association
Comedy Mania Smackdown & Drag Show!

Comedy Mania Smackdown & Drag Show!

June, 14 2022 | 9:30 pm

219 W Olive St. Springfield, Missouri 65806

Get ready to laugh your butts off at Martha’s Vineyard’s first ever Wrestlemania style comedy competition. Eight contestants will battle to be the best and funniest comedian in the Pride Comedymania Competition. 

The eight contestants will compete in multiple rounds of knockout eliminations by trying to win our judges votes. They will do individual sets, roasts, improv and more.  

And of course, Martha’s stage will be graced with special entertainment by their Tuesday night performers!  

The winner of the competition will be featured in a 30-minute spot on Saturday at Martha’s Pride event! They will also receive a $50 bar tab (if 21 or over/5 Free Cover Passes if under 21), and a Pride Themed Comedy Belt! 

**Winner must be able to commit to the Pride performance in order to compete**