Downtown Springfield Association
Grave Tales

Grave Tales

November, 24 2017 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

308 South Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65806


Join us for the blackest of Fridays on November 24 for a nightmarish gambol through the twisting and turning labyrinth that is Grave Tales!

End your Black Friday nightmare with some wintery chills as you behold these three disturbing theatrical acts that will give you the shivers –

‘Christmas Evil’ – During a night of Yuletide passion, more than just presents are unwrapped by a newlywed couple. However, the erotic night turns to terror as the pair encounters a legendary evil who has them on his naughty list.

‘Legacy’ – A man recounts his heart-wrenching abuse at the hands of his father and the extreme lengths he will go to ensure that it never happens again.

‘I HATE HER’ – Back in the 1800s, a caravan traveling to Crawfordville was attacked by wolves, stranding the survivors. The following horror that happened in those cruel winter woods would bring out the darkest of human emotions and insanity.

Two showings:
9:00 pm
10:30 pm

[Strong content. For mature audiences only]

– Presented by A Class Act Productions –