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Materfamilias Release @ Mother's Brewing Company

Materfamilias Release @ Mother’s Brewing Company

January, 12 2021 | 2:00 pm

215 S Grant Springfield, MO 65806

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After a patient year of aging, we are stoked to announce the release date of our coveted barrel-aged imperial stout, Materfamilias. Join us in the tasting room to be among the first to taste 2021’s version and take home some bottles.
Materfamilias is Latin for ‘female head of the house.’ No other beer we make commands as much attention and devotion as she. From the brewhouse to the barrels, your Mother’s remains at the service of this exquisite imperial stout. Roasted malt brings rich flavors of chocolate and dried fruit. In the aging process, the beer’s interaction with the wood of bourbon, rye whiskey, rum, and brandy barrels dictates the composition of the final blend. Materfamilias cannot be rushed. It cannot be forced. It brooks no compromise. The result is a stout of such complexity and nuance that you, too, will recognize the authority of your Materfamilias.